Beware This Bike Thief

A source at the SFPD (who’d like to remain anonymous) forwarded me the following photos of a serial bike thief. He was apprehended again recently for bike theft and possession of burglary tools (I suppose the prominent “I hate cops,” tattoo on his face makes him an easy target to spot.) In doing so, he violated his parole. When arrested, he was unremorseful and told the officers, “I steal bikes.”

bike thief

bike thief

Here are his tools of the trade. The first photo shows his arsenal from his first arrest; the second photo shows his present collection, including plastic knuckles that double as a stun gun.

Tools of the Trade

bike thief tools

Also, be careful about locking your bikes near Minna and 7th Street; a known ‘chop shop’ is in that area.