Today Was A Great Day For A (Recovered) Bike Ride

Dear Cycling Community,

So I’m still in shock about the return of my mountain bike this morning. I really can’t believe that it came back – with the help of Jillian Betterly and many others – and am truly thankful for the kindness and amazing superpowers of all of you.

The Bearded One and I felt that the best way to celebrate its happy return was to go on a long ride in Marin. We headed from Mill Valley up Railroad Grade to East Peak, hooked left onto Ridgecrest, then dropped down Lagunitas Trail which eventually led back up to Ridgecrest. From there we rode part of the Seven Sisters to the Bolinas-Fairfax Ridge Trail, then took Jewel Trail to Samuel P. Taylor. We took a pit stop at a great little Indian restaurant in Lagunitas (and our appetizers were the blackberries that we foraged along the way, there’s a million bushes in bloom right now!), then continued onwards back to Mill Valley via Sir Francis Drake and beyond.

49 miles with 4091 ft. of climbing and worth every minute. Thank you again for making this and other rides possible!