My Stolen Bike Was Found With Your Help, Thank You My Fellow Cyclists!

My Stolen Bike Was Found With Your Help, Thank You My Fellow Cyclists!

Dear Cycling Community,

Thank you so much for helping to find my stolen Ibis. I really, really can’t thank you enough. My husband and I have been having a tough time lately, and when I woke up Thursday morning and realized my bike was gone – I was pretty devastated.

But I emailed every cycling group I knew, posted my story Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Google+ and cycling forums, put up flyers and just hoped that it might come back to me. A part of me was resigned to my fate and had started the insurance claims process, especially after we came back empty-handed from making the rounds at two flea markets yesterday morning. But I received so many messages of support – I wish I could thank you all in person – that I wasn’t yet ready to consider it gone forever.

So when Shawn got the call this morning that the Ibis had been found by Jillian Betterly, I was in serious shock. It only took four days to recover my bike. I’m lucky that the thieves were greedy enough to try and sell the bike locally. I’m also lucky that you helped spread the word about my bike so that it seemed like everyone in California and beyond knew about its disappearance. And I’m especially grateful that Jillian, who was also looking for a bike that had been stolen from her property*, was at Laney College this morning with a friend. Once she spotted the guy, she followed him quietly so as not to spook him. When he was ready to drop it off at a vendor, she showed him a photo of the Ibis and said it was stolen, then took it. I picked it up this morning from the downtown PUBLIC Bikes store in Oakland where she works.

So thank you, my cycling community. I’ve already cried many tears of happiness this morning and really owe the return of my bike to you. I’m truly touched by everyone who helped my bike find its way home.

If you can do me one more favor, please share this story. Over the past few days, I heard many sad stories of bikes being lost, seemingly forever, and then suddenly – they were found through the diligence of our community. We won this round, and if you’ve ever had a bike stolen – or ever have the misfortune of having one stolen – you may get it back because the cycling community is truly awesome. And we are united in our ongoing battle against the villainy of bike thievery. So thank you again – I will go on a bike ride today in your honor!

****I asked Jillian if she needed help finding her stolen bike, but she declined – it’s a long story.

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  • alex C

    Hooray! That’s such great news!

  • Erik

    So happy for the return of your bike! I love happy endings!

  • Richard Masoner

    So awesome!

  • Steve

    Awesome! Happy to help spread the word. Now go for a ride on it and make yourself happy riding!

  • Aaron B

    Awesome! Glad to hear some good news in the midst of some tough times. So happy for you Jenny!

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  • ifanyi

    This is great news, indeed. This is (part of) why i miss The Bay. I’m going to go hug my bike now…

  • Steve

    What an encouraging story! Chalk this up to a victory for social media, but more importantly, a victory for the close knit and caring cycling community.

  • Jody

    Having lost a brand new Schwinn Contintental to thieves at the tender age of 15 , I know how you felt when you got it stolen. I can only imagine how it felt to get yours back. So happy for you. Hopefully, this kind of thing will be a growing trend with all the social media.

  • calitexican
  • dan greene

    great story. Awesome bike – full suspension with 120mm of front travel – see you on the dirt.

  • Krissy

    So happy for you. I saw your bike listed as stolen on Craigslist because I had 2 bikes stolen from me on July 13th. I, too, have ours posted there. I haven’t given up hope and continue to look for them everyday. Cheers!

    • Jenny Oh Hatfield

      Good luck with finding your bikes – I hope they come back to you!

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  • Dennis Guikema

    Congrats on your return… here’s another happy ending bike theft story, but with years b/w the theft and return.

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  • Howard

    So cool to hear another success story using the power of social media to spread the word about a stolen bike! That’s what we’re all about – check out and the Howler App. The whole idea is to use the power of the network to keep an eye out for stolen gear. And you’re proof that works!
    Glad you got your ride back!

    • Jenny Oh Hatfield

      Thanks for the info – I’ll be sure to check out your website!