Horses, Hugs and Healing

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My father-in-law, Jay Hatfield, aka the Gray Horse Cowboy, is still in the hospital undergoing treatments for his battle with lung cancer. We take each day as it comes. There are some days when there’s progress, and there’s other days when his situation poses more challenges. But Jay is still working hard as he always has — except now he’s working hard to tell his lung cancer that it has overstayed its welcome and it’s time to hit the road.

His wife and son, Shawn and Sue, along with several other friends and family members, regularly visit to keep his spirits high and to check in with the team of doctors that are doing their best to keep him on the road to recovery.

If there was only a way that his dogs and horses could sneak into his room to pay him a visit. I know they miss him – especially his favorite horse Goblin – and that Jay misses them as well. We’re hoping that he’ll be able to see them again soon in the near future if we can’t arrange a clandestine meeting. In the meantime, we’re sending him hugs through these photos.

And thank you to everyone who have contributed to Jay and Sue thus far. All of the messages and donations have meant so much to them.