Randonneur Ride Report: Del Puerto Canyon 200k

Finally got a chance to officially ride the Del Puerto Canyon 200k this year (last year TBO and I missed it and rode it as a permanent instead.) I was happy to roll with Ann and Denise at their pace so I could socialize, take photos and just take it easy after being lazy for most of this month after Taste of Carolina.

So I whittled down my 250+ photos down to about 141 — enjoy! A quick run down of the highlights:

– 130+ riders showed up this morning! ‘Twas a big group of new folks and veterans. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces at the start!
– Roland was the “RBA of the Day” and assumed Rob’s duties of administering the “don’t the stupid stuff” oath and giving last-minute pointers about the route.
– Got to ride with a whole assortment of friends today at random intervals, including Phil R., Lou, Will, Jesse K., Eric L., Jack H., John P., Manny (who tried to photobomb most of my photos), Brian O., Irving, Gabe, Ian, Carlin, Charles F., Eric M. and Therese, Roland and many others whose names I didn’t catch.
– It didn’t rain on us, yay! The weather was perfect, actually. Not too hot, and while it was brisk towards the end — it was a pleasant change to ride with arm and knee warmers for most of the day and actually feel chilly on a ride; can’t remember the last time I actually felt cold while biking!
– Del Puerto Canyon was spectacular today, with the clouds and velvety-brown hills creating a stunning backdrop in the distance. I couldn’t stop taking photos…
– Got to catch a glimpse of some snazzy fender flaps with Rob’s smiling visage adorning the pair…
– The Junction is one of my favorite controls, hands down. The new management is doing a fantastic job and is so welcoming to us randonnerds.
– Ann got a flat on Mines Road so I took the opportunity to take photos of some folks bombing the descent, whee!
– Welcomed by Deb, Barb, Kitty and Peg at the end — thanks for volunteering!
– Even managed to get my 4th “Coffeenneuring” ride at the end with Pudu and Ann by doing a 2-mile out-and-back!