Ride-On: Del Valle Regional Park

Every time TBO and I ride our bikes through the searing summer heat of the Tri-Valley, we swear we’ll not return until the winter months when the average daily temperatures are more bearable (so at least under 80 degrees.) But a picnic at Del Valle Regional Park sounded pretty tempting, and several Ride-On folks wanted to go swimming at the park’s lake. So we slathered on the sunscreen and met up with Bridget, Neil, Jorge and Pamela at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART for a 40-mile round trip ride this past Saturday. It’s a relatively flat ride that winds its way past acres of vineyards, and the only tough section lies at the very end: a 1360 ft. climb that spans several miles. But you’re rewarded with gorgeous views of the valley and a fast, smooth descent to the park. Then it was time for eating and lazing about in the grass. Fun times!