Box Dog Bikes Summer Camp: Garin Arroyo Flats

Good times are guaranteed to be had with the fine folks of Box Dog Bikes. They organized the last of their annual “summer camp” series this past weekend and this adventure headed out to Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Parks in Hayward. TBO loaded up his Breadwinner porteur bike with our supplies, including my new hammock which I bought specially for this occasion (and I can attest to its womb-like comfort…) I hauled Uni and Iko in the trailer; all was well until we hit that nearly mile-long climb at the end of our journey that hit at least 13% (or more). A combination of walking, pushing and profuse sweating helped get us up to the ridge, then we gratefully descended right into the park. Close to 40 campers packed into the group camp site (Arroyo Flats) and ate hot dogs and s’mores, drank beer and bourbon and shared lots of laughs around the campfire — which was illuminated by a beautiful full moon. In the morning, TBO and I joined John, Juliayn and Theresa for a fantastic brunch at a nearby pupuseria. Then we OHatfields returned back to Oakland to complete our 50-mile round trip ride. Thanks for a great time, Box Dog Bikes!

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