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Randonneur Ride Report: A Perfect Day for a Populaire

Ever wonder what possesses randonnerds to pedal miles on end through long days and nights? Mesmerized by our classically styled steel bikes, wool jerseys and flashy neon hi-vis clothing? Then you should check out a populaire to learn more about this crazy sport. It’s a great way to dip your toes into long-distance riding with its (relatively short) introductory distance of 115k (71 miles). Read More

Weekend Shenanigans: An Accidental Century + Dirty Diablo

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The San Francisco Randonneurs’ 360k Fleche ride is coming up this Saturday. In order to get ready, I had planned on getting in lots of miles on the bike this past week — until I was hit with the Plague 2.0 and reluctantly had to rest for several days. Read More