Randonneur Pre-Ride Report: 3CR 1000k – Drop Bags

Day One Clothes

As an Interactive Producer for KQED Science, much of my work-related responsibilities involves research: interviewing scientists; reading tons of articles; staying up-to-date on current news in search of compelling story ideas. And I think I’ve naturally gravitated towards my chosen profession as I truly enjoy conducting research — especially for the documentary / journalistic nature of my job. So it’s no surprise this has carried over into my personal life, so when I embark on a new endeavor, or try out a new product — I tend to do a lot of research before committing to it.

So in the course of preparing for 3CR, I’ve combed through many riders’ blogs and read countless ride reports; scanned cycling forum posts; and chatted with many seasoned randos to soak in their wisdom of how to get ready for this randonnée.

I actually started packing a month ahead of time in order to assemble all of the necessities for my drop bags (I didn’t want to forget anything and started a pile in my closet that gradually grew over the passing weeks.) After doing all of the above research and then some — I packed two bags following the rules set by the organizers (only a few items aren’t pictured that I’m still in the process of rounding up, as noted. Also not pictured is the kit I’m wearing on the first day):

(From the 3CR website – Drop Bag Service:
Included in the price of the entry is transportation of riders’ drop bags from the start to King City and the finish in San Luis Obispo. Drop bags cannot weigh more than 20 pounds; any bags that are heavier will not be accepted. Your bags will be weighed before they are accepted for loading. Three bags are allowed per rider.

No bike cases, spare bikes or wheels will be transported for riders from the start to the finish.

All bags must have a sturdy, large nametag or name directly inked on the bag so that the last name of the owner is easily recognized from a distance. (Riders should also put another nametag inside the bag in case the regular nametag gets torn off during transportation.) Be sure to pack light and don’t bring any breakable glass containers with fluids inside. Any unclaimed bags after the event is completed will be returned to the owner at their expense.

Though we don’t envision any problems with bag drop security, the organizers cannot be responsible for any loss or theft of drop bags or their contents; please don’t bring anything that cannot be replaced, such as your treasured LEL or GRR finisher’s jersey.

Drop Bag #1: King City
This backpack has less stuff as I really just need the basics here: fresh clothes, toiletries, electronics and some bike stuff. (And some food, which I’ll cover in a future post.)

-Small Alite Designs backpack
-(2) Flight 001 ID tags
-Fresh kit: Giro Peloton cap; bandanna; Sheila Moon jersey; Craft baselayer; bra; Assos H Fl.Lady_s5 shorts; Sock Guy wool socks; storage/laundry bag
-Toiletries: sunblock; Beljum Butter chamois cream; toothbrush; toothpaste; lotion; shampoo; ear plugs
-iPhone and lights chargers; bike tube


Drop Bag #2: San Luis Obispo
As I’ll be accessing this bag twice (once en route and at the finish), I needed to pack gear for both my ride and my journey home.

-Large Alite Designs backpack
-(2) Flight 001 ID tags
-Fresh kit: Giro Peloton cap; bandanna; Ride-On jersey; short sleeve Sheila Moon jersey and shorts; Craft baselayer; bra; Sock Guy wool socks; storage/laundry bag (and clothes for trip home, not pictured)
-Toiletries: sunblock; Chamois Butt’r; toothbrush; toothpaste; lotion; shampoo; ear plugs
-iPhone, lights and camera chargers; bike tubes; lube; rag; leg roller; spare tire (not pictured)

Day Two Clothes

Day Two Stuff

I also gathered up some extra stuff I’ll be putting in my handlebar bag (and I’m still getting a quick link and will have a chain tool handy.)

-Extra water bottle
-Extra tube
-Tums / Pepto Bismol tablets
-iPod / headphones
-Ziploc bag (not pictured)
-Space blanket (not pictured)

Extra Stuff

*See my previous post on my gear list for 3CR here. Up next: food!*