Dirty Diablo Revisited With Ride-On!


Manny and his magic Rivendell took The Bearded One and I back to Diablo this weekend for more off-road shenanigans. This time we brought our Ride-On crew along with us: Chava, Daniel, Ellen, Johnny, Laura and Nick. It was foggy and cold at the top — TBO reported many roadies shivering their way down from the peak and one even hitched a ride back down the mountain from Juniper Campground — but we had tons of fun descending into the gray mist. By the time we hit the single track, the sunshine had returned and it was just loads of splashy goodness with a series of rad creek crossings. Thanks again to Manny for leading our group, and the Jens Voigt HTFU award goes to Laura for riding the entire route on her CX bike!