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Highway 1

Randonneur Ride Report: Muir Woods-Alpine 107k

Denise, TBO and I rolled out from Cole Valley to brave the hectic weekend crowds of Marin to ride Jesse’s beautiful route that spans Muir Woods, Stinson Beach, Bolinas-Fairfax Road and Alpine Dam. The stretch of Highway 1 that goes past Slide Ranch is one of my personal favorites and is worth weaving through busy traffic and hordes of tourists. It was Denise’s first time climbing up Bo-Fax — woohoo! While it was pretty hot — 92 degrees! — we took a nice late lunch break in Fairfax (where we got our control receipt, too.) Then it was beer o’clock at Crepes on Cole — where we happened to bump into Jesse and his girlfriend!


My first-ever brevet card.

Randonneuring Musings: Losing That Loving Feeling

Sidelined by an IT band injury during 3CR last week, I’ve had a lot of time to think about randonneuring these past few days — and what it means to me. When I decided to give it a try last year, I was attracted to my romantic notions of this sport: adventuring on the open road with like-minded comrades enthralled with exploration, thus pedaling for miles astride a beautiful steel bike with its bespoke accoutrements. Flipping through the pages of Bicycle Quarterly, I was lured in by photographs and articles that helped conjure up an idyllic past that could be lived vicariously in the present-day; for me, randonneuring could teleport me back to the era of wool jerseys and weathered leather saddles. Read More