Ride-On: San Francisco to Tunitas Creek

Our fearless ride leader for today, May Woo, led 13 folks of the Ride-On crew from San Francisco to Tunitas Creek and back to the city today for a total of 90 miles and 7,000ft. of climbing!

TBO and I were a bit tired from yesterday’s bakery brevet, so we resolved to ride only through one of the new Tom Lantos tunnels at Devil’s Slide before heading home. But it was such a spectacular summery Sunday — I think it averaged about 88 degrees — that we couldn’t resist joining our friends to the 55-mile turnaround point at Woodside (and got in about 4,000 ft. of climbing.) There were several sections that I hadn’t ridden before, and I always love checking out new territory. Thanks to May for leading an amazing ride!

  • António Gestosa

    Beautiful Landscaps. Nice people. Awesome ride. Amazing pictures. Congratulations. I love you folks.

  • Franklyn

    Do you have the route map for this one? I haven’t ridden the section connecting SF to Half Moon Bay as you did here before. Very curious…

    • Hey Franklyn, I don’t know if you have a Strava account, but this is the route from yesterday the ride leader May Woo: http://app.strava.com/activities/50049106. I can also ask her for the GPX file or route if she has one!

    • Franklyn

      Jenny, I don’t have a strava account, though someone just gave me a Garmin Edge 550 as a gift–I am debating whether to use it. GPX would be much appreciated!

    • Wow, lucky! TBO is thinking about getting one as he says it has a lot of nice features, esp. turn-by-turn directions. Just emailed May for you!