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Randonneur Ride Report: Healdsburg-Napa 200k

I love, love, love riding with the Santa Rosa Cycling Club! The RBA, Bob Redmond, is a total sweetheart and runs really well-supported events — so chances are you’ll have a fantastic time!

About 100 of us showed up on this cool, foggy morning at Healdsburg City Hall for the flattish 200k brevet out to Napa and back; as always, it was wonderful to see so many friendly, familiar faces at the start. We set out at 8 o’clock sharp and the pack made quick work of the gentle rollers through wine country. I accidentally separated from my gal pals Ann, Denise and Libby, so I ended up riding with a handful of random folks throughout the day, including Lane, Franklyn, Deb and Steve — and later on, with Ken and Bonnie (her first brevet!) part of the way. After a delicious burrito lunch at the control in Napa (with some afternoon sunshine at long last), we motored back to the finish. Unbeknownst to us, Franklyn took a spill on the Silverado Trail (he ran over an errant PVC pipe) and dropped back, so we regrouped in Calistoga. Then the rest of the group pushed on, and I hung with Franklyn for the final 20+ miles to the finish. We rolled up to the Bear Republic Brewery just under 9 hours — a PR for him!

Thanks to Bob and all of the volunteers for a most fantastic day!



Coffeeneuring Challenge 2014

Mary of Chasing Mailboxes launched another fun “Coffeeneuring Challenge” this year (see her blog for all of the details and rules, and in the fine tradition of randonneuring, there’s lots of rules!)

This was my first time participating, and it was great to share stories with other coffeeneurs (via Facebook) and ride with my fellow randos in search of good caffeinated beverages! I hope to participate again next year.

Coffeeneuring Ride #1: Scarlet City Espresso Bar (10/19)
Rode with Ann, Bryan, Denise and The Bearded One to Scarlet City in Emeryville for (my personal favorite) vegan cappuccinos, coffee and pastries, then a bike ride to Berkeley for beers at Pyramid!



Coffeeneuring Ride #2: Quick cuppa with TBO before I had to produce a video shoot today at Kilovolt Coffee in Emeryville! (10/25)


Coffeeneuring Ride #3: Fred’s Vintage Ride (and early birthday celebration) to Pt. Richmond! (10/26)
We got a late start but caught up with Jason and Paloma on the road. Then it was time for brunch at Little Louie’s and some exploring of the new (to us) Bay Trail section near the historic Red Oak Victory WW2 ship!



Coffeeneuring Ride #4 & #5: Post-Del Puerto Canyon 200k and Arbor Cafe (11/1 & 11/2)
Ann, Denise, Pudu and I all rode the DPC 200k. The finish was at a Starbucks in Pleasanton, and Ann, Jason and myself did a 2-mile out-and-back after our brevet so we get our ‪#‎coffeenneuring‬ ride in. Poor Pudu had crashed during his ride, so he valiantly rallied to do this final “recovery” ride afterwards to get his C5! While still nursing his wounds, he treated me to a cappuccino the following morning at Oakland’s Arbor Cafe before setting out to do his official C6 ride with Ann and Denise!


Coffeeneuring Ride #6: Denise & I rode 87 miles (an out-and-back permanent from Benicia to Winters with some bonus miles thrown in when we got temporarily lost), then did a short 2.5 post-ride jaunt to one of our favorite bakeries: Arizmendi. Had a slice of fresh sourdough pizza with hot tea! Highlight of the day: when we got off-course, we stumbled upon a roadside table with Fuyu persimmons for sale (4 for a $1!) — I would have bought more but alas, didn’t have any cash — so Denise was kind enough to buy me two. (11/8)


Coffeeneuring Ride #7: Challenge Complete! (11/9)
One of my favorite things to do on Sunday is go for a lazy bike ride to a delicious dim sum place. Jason met TBO & I in Berkeley for a feast at the Imperial Tea Court; it’s a high-end tea shop with a tranquil outdoor patio and zen garden. Then for dessert, we headed to Guerilla for more caffeine (cappucino + coffee) and chocolate-cherry-toffee-chip cookies!



I’m going to submit my results on this special “BREWSA” card I designed! :)

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.58.59 PM

2014 Taste of Carolina 1000k Brevet Card

Randonneur Ride Report: Taste of Carolina 1000k – Day 1

Back in August, when an unexpected IT band injury (which fortunately yet inexplicably disappeared after a few days) forced me to drop out of the Santa Cruz Randonneurs’ Central Coast Randonee (3CR), I dwelled on my DNF in a prolonged self-pitying funk that lasted several weeks. Read More