Randonneur Ride Report: El Cerrito to Davis 212k

My quest for the R-12 award continues its steady march forward, and a permanent owned by our dear RBA, Rob Hawks, was next on the agenda. It’s a 131.7-mile route with approximately 6000 ft. of climbing and takes a circuitous route from El Cerrito in the East Bay northward to Davis.
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Randonneur Ride Report: Happy Trails To You 200k

With the month of June already winding down to a close and as I’d be missing next weekend’s Russian River 200k, I scanned SF Randonneurs’ list of permanents for a last-minute substitution. I’m aiming to get my first R-12 award, so I have to ride at least one 200k (125 miles) or more for 12 consecutive months in order to earn this honor.Continue Reading

Randonneur Ride Report: A Perfect Day for a Populaire

Ever wonder what possesses randonnerds to pedal miles on end through long days and nights? Mesmerized by our classically styled steel bikes, wool jerseys and flashy neon hi-vis clothing? Then you should check out a populaire to learn more about this crazy sport. It’s a great way to dip your toes into long-distance riding with its (relatively short) introductory distance of 115k (71 miles).Continue Reading