Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Chabot We Go

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Some of our dirt-lovin’ cycling comrades from the North Bay and the city expressed interest in getting a tour of the fine mixed terrain that’s available in our lovely East Bay hills — so we were happy to oblige!

Mike Solis led the “A” is for Awesome Team, which met at the Redwood Canyon Golf Course at 9AM for this route which looped back around to the start. I led the “B” team (as in “Let’s Be Chill” group) which was a shorter, one way train to Castro Valley. We met at Peet’s on Lakeshore at 10AM and rolled out with a big crew of 16 folks (picking up May along the way.)

As luck would have it, we converged with the A Team towards the end and rolled in mostly together (a few folks did some bonus miles, others had to peel off early) to our post-ride meal at Blvd Burger & Grill. It was super fun and thanks to Mike for his co-leadership and for picking a great spot for us to stuff our faces afterwards!

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Box Dog Bikes Summer Camp 2014

The fine folks at Box Dog Bikes organized their second annual camping trip that headed out to Anthony Chabot Regional Park in the East Bay hills this weekend. 16 of us rolled from West Oakland BART at 10AM to take the longer, 27-mile mixed terrain route with a lunch stop at the marina cafe. More campers joined in later in the evening to celebrate the summer solstice and enjoy the fine Vietnamese-theme feast provided by Lindy and Nick of Pedal Inn. Can’t wait to join in Box Dog’s next adventure!
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Survey: Stolen Bicycles Sales at the Laney College Flea Market

When my mountain bike was stolen last July, it was recovered at Laney College’s weekend flea market. This was when I first learned that if you’re looking for a stolen bicycle, chances are it might pop up for sale among their vendors. It also spurred me to try and tackle this problem in the Bay Area, and now over a year later, I’ve acquired more knowledge about bike theft — and some supportive allies — during this time.
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The Tour of Five Canyons

The Bearded One’s “I-turned-40-this-year-so-I-got-myself-a-baller-mid-life-crisis-bicycle” arrived this week, and he was ready for some geared escapades on the road after being confined to his singlespeed and fixed gear bikes for almost a year.Continue Reading