A Tale of Two Bike Thieves

It’s certainly been an odd week in the dark netherworld of bike theftdom, and I have two stories to report with semi-happy endings. In the first one, the bike thieves were caught — but the bike is still MIA. In the second story, the bike was recovered but the thief is still at large.
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Who’s @SFPDBikeTheft? Meet the Man Behind the Twitter Handle: Officer Matt Friedman

One of the upsides of becoming an advocate for cracking down on bike theft in the Bay Area is that I’ve met a lot of fantastic individuals and organizations who are also working hard to solve this problem. (The only downside is the increasing number of forlorn emails I receive on a weekly basis from owners bemoaning the loss of their bicycles. It definitely indicates the widespread nature of this issue.)
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Seeking Help Catching An Alleged Bike Thief

My friend MC helped facilitate the arrest of this alleged bike thief today. Here’s the background info — feel free to share it as we could use your help tracking down the owners of the two bikes in the following story and finding proof that this individual was involved.
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Beware This Bike Thief

A source at the SFPD (who’d like to remain anonymous) forwarded me the following photos of a serial bike thief. He was apprehended again recently for bike theft and possession of burglary tools (I suppose the prominent “I hate cops,” tattoo on his face makes him an easy target to spot.) In doing so, he violated his parole. When arrested, he was unremorseful and told the officers, “I steal bikes.”

bike thief

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Meeting A Would-Be Miyata Bike Thief in the Mission

Shortly before 6:30PM tonight, The Bearded One met me at KQED so we could ride an after work Friday night city loop. Just as we were making our way through the Mission on 23rd and Harrison, TBO saw a man crouched down by a bicycle out of the corner of his eye.Continue Reading