Rescued in Portland: A Stolen De Rosa Bicycle Has Been Found After 6 Years!


High fives all-around, Portland and San Francisco! The De Rosa has been located and will be hand delivered to Justin next month. Please spread the word about its recovery – to call off the search and as a warning to future bike thieves – and we’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped with its return! And here’s how the story unfolded this past week:

  • AMAZING!!! So much win here. DEATH TO BIKE THIEVES!

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  • Lou

    Great story! I bought my last two bikes off Craigslist and never thought of the possibility of buying a stolen bike. I talked with both of the sellers quite a bit and the back stories seemed reasonable. Do you know of any guidelines making sure the bike you are buying from Craigslist isn’t stolen? Seems like buyers could be excellent protections for stolen bikes on the market.

    • Hey Lou, Thanks for checking out the story! One thing you can do, if you have any suspicions about a bike being stolen, is to check It’s a free, extensive online database and you can search for bicycles by serial number, location, description, etc. there. You can also query Craigslist itself; many people post within the bicycling section to notify potential buyers that they’re looking for their missing bike.

  • joseph

    Great story! But I think your feelings are getting in the way of your take on the chris character. I didn’t really see any inconsistencies in his story that you seem to see. Sure he sounds a little fringe, but Im sure you’ve had a friend or two in the past who skipped court dates. He got the bike back to you — possibly at great expense to his wallet –what more do you want from the guy?

    • There’s a lot more to the story that I didn’t include in here to keep the narrative as short as possible – since it was already pretty long to begin with – but there was plenty for us to doubt the trustworthiness of Chris. And clearly, he’s not the most responsible person as evidenced by this situation. He wasn’t even around to return the bike because he was on a “weekend trip”, despite his apparent financial hardships, and had his brother return it for him. So no, I don’t have very much respect or sympathy for him.

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  • Fabian

    SO FUCKING STOKED to see the bike back!! Congrats Justin!
    Great work by all involved!!


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  • Philip Carella

    Wow! I know this was posed 4 years ago, but there are a lot of parallels. I just had my De Rosa “Replica 73” Orange (58cm) was stolen out of a storage
    facility in South Richmond, CA. This is my dream bike I purchased 20 years
    ago and the nicest thing I’ve ever owned. De Rosa only made about 200 of
    them and probably under 15 of them in size 58cm. They are rare and can
    be spotted easily because of the orange color. If someone isn’t trying
    to sell it in pieces, it has a white rolls saddle and thumb shifters. I live in Portland – Philip (971) 409-6422 – ( So happy for you Justin! This gives me some hope!!!