Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Chabot We Go

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Some of our dirt-lovin’ cycling comrades from the North Bay and the city expressed interest in getting a tour of the fine mixed terrain that’s available in our lovely East Bay hills — so we were happy to oblige!

Mike Solis led the “A” is for Awesome Team, which met at the Redwood Canyon Golf Course at 9AM for this route which looped back around to the start. I led the “B” team (as in “Let’s Be Chill” group) which was a shorter, one way train to Castro Valley. We met at Peet’s on Lakeshore at 10AM and rolled out with a big crew of 16 folks (picking up May along the way.)

As luck would have it, we converged with the A Team towards the end and rolled in mostly together (a few folks did some bonus miles, others had to peel off early) to our post-ride meal at Blvd Burger & Grill. It was super fun and thanks to Mike for his co-leadership and for picking a great spot for us to stuff our faces afterwards!

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Dennis Stone Memorial Ride

I’d briefly met Dennis Stone, the recently departed owner of Stone’s Cyclery in Alameda, only one time several years ago. I’d popped into the shop to say hello to my friend Jason, who’s been moonlighting at the shop for ages, during a casual group ride around the island. As I walked down the center aisle of the store, I couldn’t help but admire the dozens of beautiful bicycles packed into its small space. Lined up in long racks that practically spanned the length of the shop, some were shiny new Waterfords and Bob Jacksons for sale, their bright colors beckoning you to take them on a test ride; others were classic vintage steeds that were distinguished members of his permanent collection.

Stone’s struck me as the sort of place where amid the dust and clutter — it had the genteel quality of an old antique shop — customers who loved bicycles as much as Dennis did would stop by often. Not just to pick up a tube or a derailleur or a new frame, but to swap stories and laughs. And after that first meeting, I heard much about his generosity, his loyalty and his far-reaching impact on the Bay Area cycling community.

This past Sunday, his dear family and friends organized a full day’s worth of celebrations to commemorate his life and legacy. These photos are from the first leg of the memorial ride that departed from the western part of the island back to the shop. I hope he was watching, from wherever he’s pedaling in the universe, as we came together and filled the streets of Alameda in his honor.