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Survey: Stolen Bicycles Sales at the Laney College Flea Market

When my mountain bike was stolen last July, it was recovered at Laney College’s weekend flea market. This was when I first learned that if you’re looking for a stolen bicycle, chances are it might pop up for sale among their vendors. It also spurred me to try and tackle this problem in the Bay Area, and now over a year later, I’ve acquired more knowledge about bike theft — and some supportive allies — during this time.
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Soil Saloon Fundraisin’ for Chuey – Part Deux

The ass-kickin’ Soil Saloon posse organized a fine race today to help the ongoing fundraising campaign to help Chuey. He’ll be beginning his long legal battle next month and all of the money raised will assist with his future trial. There were the usual shenanigans this afternoon in the form of a giant inflatable T-rex, jello shots and bunny target practice (no bunnies were harmed in the name of fun, however) and congrats to Kyle and Leah for taking the top honors!
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