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The Group!

Chris King’s Sonoma Gourmet (Metric) Century

Had a fantastic time riding with DHK, Mike, Sarah and TBO on the Chris King Gourmet (Metric) Century that rolled through Geyserville, Healdsburg and other scenic areas in Sonoma wine country. Saw lots of local framebuilders and friends, too! The food was incredible and will definitely look to doing this again next year.


2014 Taste of Carolina 1000k Brevet Card

Randonneur Ride Report: Taste of Carolina 1000k – Day 1

Back in August, when an unexpected IT band injury (which fortunately yet inexplicably disappeared after a few days) forced me to drop out of the Santa Cruz Randonneurs’ Central Coast Randonee (3CR), I dwelled on my DNF in a prolonged self-pitying funk that lasted several weeks. Read More