Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Chabot We Go

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Some of our dirt-lovin’ cycling comrades from the North Bay and the city expressed interest in getting a tour of the fine mixed terrain that’s available in our lovely East Bay hills — so we were happy to oblige!

Mike Solis led the “A” is for Awesome Team, which met at the Redwood Canyon Golf Course at 9AM for this route which looped back around to the start. I led the “B” team (as in “Let’s Be Chill” group) which was a shorter, one way train to Castro Valley. We met at Peet’s on Lakeshore at 10AM and rolled out with a big crew of 16 folks (picking up May along the way.)

As luck would have it, we converged with the A Team towards the end and rolled in mostly together (a few folks did some bonus miles, others had to peel off early) to our post-ride meal at Blvd Burger & Grill. It was super fun and thanks to Mike for his co-leadership and for picking a great spot for us to stuff our faces afterwards!

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Mixed Terrain Adventures: Sweeney Ridge to Purisima Creek

Pudu, TBO, Ulrika and myself headed out today for a 67-mile pre-4th of July adventure that spanned Sweeney Ridge, McNee Ranch State Park (aka “Planet of the Apes”), Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail, Wave Crest Open Space and Purisima Creek. I think it’s my favorite mixed terrain route that I’ve ridden to date! Continue Reading

Carquinez Regional Park – Part Deux

This is the final ride in our exploration of parks near Crockett and Martinez (you can see the other two journeys here and here.) TBO and I always inadvertently use the steepest access points to the ridge — so there was definitely some hike-and-bike action today — but it’s worth it to see the breathtaking views of the green hillsides, Mt. Diablo and the Carquinez Strait. Then we took an easy post-ride jaunt along the new George Miller bike path, which TBO hadn’t ridden yet (he missed its former incarnation when the pavement was painted with graffiti and cracked and worn from the weather.)
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