Jersey City Jaunt

TBO & I had a wonderful weekend getaway in Jersey City / NYC with our dear friends Ben and Gerry. It flew by far too quickly as we walked, biked, indulged in tons of delicious food and drinks — and happily whiled away the days and nights with lots of laughter and conversation. I miss them already and someday, I hope we all live in the same hippie compound together…
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Soil Saloon Fundraisin’ for Chuey – Part Deux

The ass-kickin’ Soil Saloon posse organized a fine race today to help the ongoing fundraising campaign to help Chuey. He’ll be beginning his long legal battle next month and all of the money raised will assist with his future trial. There were the usual shenanigans this afternoon in the form of a giant inflatable T-rex, jello shots and bunny target practice (no bunnies were harmed in the name of fun, however) and congrats to Kyle and Leah for taking the top honors!
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Randonneur Ride Report: Winters 200k


There were a ton of cycling events happening this weekend — Levi’s Gran Fondo, cyclocross races, Furnace Creek 508 just to name a few — but the place to be, in my humble opinion, was the Winters 200k. This 125-mile ride starts on our side of the bay in Hercules, loops counter-clockwise to Winters (where we stop for a lovely picnic lunch), climbs up Route 128 past Lake Berryessa, then heads back south.
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