Ride-On: Biking to Bountiful Brentwood

As I’ve been steadily logging hundreds of miles each month since December, I’ve been feeling a bit burned out from all of my randonneuring adventures and only averaged about 450 miles per month in July and August. This weekend was no exception, and I wasn’t in the mood for another epic 200k.
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Randonneur Ride Report: El Cerrito to Davis 212k

My quest for the R-12 award continues its steady march forward, and a permanent owned by our dear RBA, Rob Hawks, was next on the agenda. It’s a 131.7-mile route with approximately 6000 ft. of climbing and takes a circuitous route from El Cerrito in the East Bay northward to Davis.
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Seeking Help Catching An Alleged Bike Thief

My friend MC helped facilitate the arrest of this alleged bike thief today. Here’s the background info — feel free to share it as we could use your help tracking down the owners of the two bikes in the following story and finding proof that this individual was involved.
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2013 dfL Shasta Weekend

Thanks again to Gitane and Ducky for hosting another spectacular weekend in Shasta this weekend! Much fun was had with the great dfL crew as we rode, swam, ate and drank our way into a blissful state the past three days.Continue Reading