Lake Tahoe

TBO and I headed up to Tahoe this weekend for a big, festive group ride with the “Asian Wheelman” crew. He used to hammer on Sunday mornings with these fast (mostly) Chinese guys (including one ex-pro) to Lucas Valley or China Camp in Marin. They’d go hard so they could get back to their wives by noon; this was back when TBO was still single, so they’d tease him that someday he’d have to do the same (except that never happened since he married me!) Continue reading “Lake Tahoe”

Beware This Bike Thief

A source at the SFPD (who’d like to remain anonymous) forwarded me the following photos of a serial bike thief. He was apprehended again recently for bike theft and possession of burglary tools (I suppose the prominent “I hate cops,” tattoo on his face makes him an easy target to spot.) In doing so, he violated his parole. When arrested, he was unremorseful and told the officers, “I steal bikes.”

bike thief

Continue reading “Beware This Bike Thief”

Yountville Ramble

What’s the best way to cure a hangover? Go for a recovery ride in wine country! The Bearded One and I went to a super fun wedding in Santa Cruz yesterday (two dear cyclist friends of ours got hitched) and we indulged in margaritas, sangria, tequila and champagne until we were quite giddy.

But we managed to drag ourselves out of bed first thing in the morning and headed to Yountville for a mellow 50-mile cruise in the sunshine with Alfie, Beau, Denise, Jason, Lisa and Michael. Highlights included breakfast at Bouchon Bakery, lunch at Model Bakery, wine tasting at Regusci Winery and dinner at Gott’s Roadside. We live to ride, ride to eat!