Dear Mt. Umunhum, We’ll Get You Next Time

With the Russian River 300k rapidly approaching in early March, this past weekend was one of the few remaining opportunities I had left to put in some hard miles. I scanned a map of the Bay Area to see where I hadn’t ridden before — I get bored with pedaling the same routes over and over again pretty quickly — and spotted Mt. Umunhum in the South Bay.Continue Reading

Meeting A Would-Be Miyata Bike Thief in the Mission

Shortly before 6:30PM tonight, The Bearded One met me at KQED so we could ride an after work Friday night city loop. Just as we were making our way through the Mission on 23rd and Harrison, TBO saw a man crouched down by a bicycle out of the corner of his eye.Continue Reading

So this happened on my ride tonight.

The Bearded One and I went for an evening fixed gear ride tonight on the Bay Trail in the hopes of rounding up my overall mileage for January to 700. Just as we were approaching the point to turn around so we could find a place to have a late dinner, I suddenly heard a loud, “CRACK!”Continue Reading